Welcome to the home of

Cuthbert the Croc!

“One and two and three and four,
we love numbers,
so let’s explore.”

Group 1
6 M+C 1

“Even though I count all day long,
I never finish my numbers’ song.
Perhaps today I’ll meet a friend,
who can help me reach the end!”

“When you are adding two and eight,
there’s no need to get in a state.
By switching the two numbers round
an easier sum will be found!”

Group 2
11 1

“Cuthbert, don’t worry, this is easy to fix.
Imagine that you want to double six.
Add six to six and the answer will be,
crystal clear for you to see.”

“Whatever number that I choose,
I’ll never win, but always lose.
You’ll add one more and, magically,
a bigger number there will be.”

11 Number list b (1)
12 (2)

“It’s all ok, I know what to do.
I’ll switch them round to nine add two.
Summing them is easy peasy,
and now I don’t feel at all queasy!”

“If you want to multiply by two,
Choose a number, any number will do!
Let us suppose that, just as before,
you have chosen the number four.
We both need four plums, here’s my pile.
Pop yours here too, upon the sundial.
That’s two piles of four, now add the lot
and four times two is what you’ve got.”

9 a