Meet the characters



“Hello, Cuthbert is my name
and playing with numbers is my game.
I love to count in twos or threes,
since Maureen taught me, it’s been a breeze.
Maths is my favourite subject at school
and my teachers are very cool.
I use maths every day,
at school, at home and when I play.”



Hello, I am Maureen yes that is me,
I’m the Head of the Number Agency.
Numbers are a passion of mine,
I love the never-ending number line.
Perfect, even, odd or prime
There’s just so much to fill your time.
So come with us and explore
You’ll learn and learn and learn some more.”


Betty 2

“Hello, I’m Betty, I’m pleased to meet you.
I love numbers very much too.
Adding up numbers is fun for me
five add four or two add three.
When it’s tough I switch them round,
then an easier sum is found.
Imagine you’re adding two and eight
There is no need to get in a state.
Two add eight is eight add two
And now you know just what to do!”